April 9, 2012

PAX East 2012: Sunday

The last day of PAX East was one of the most fun (at least to me anyways). I dressed up as the new Lara Croft and got some recognition at the Square Enix booth which was really cool. We covered the show floor for the final time and met up with some more cosplayers. We also hit up the Bioware Base and watched the amazing trivia event. They gave away tons of swag for answering trivia, and oh man, was it difficult. The people who won definitely deserved it. All in all, it was a great PAX East and I cannot wait for next year.

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Squirtle Squad

Devil May Cry

She was this Gears of War gamer

Spirited Away

They did a coordinated dance routine. I have video.

Cosplay friends! :D

And again...(In the background is LastRyghtz - He does all the Assassionista art and is awesome!)

Hilary of Crabcat!

The boys and their console of choice

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