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Becoming a gamer is a difficult and often intimidating journey. The world of gaming is very tight-knit, exclusive, and fast-paced. One must learn how to talk the talk, walk the walk, and even shoot the shot. Be sure to check out the vocabulary and gaming resources for some extra gaming lessons. Don't forget to take notes.

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May 6, 2011 
Embracing the "Rage Quit" 
Lesson #2: Patience  

April 16, 2011
Stepping into the World of Gaming
Her first lesson: Time Management.


  • 1337 Speak: (Pronounced leet) slang for elite. It’s a gaming language where each letter represents a number. For example, LadySnip3r is LadySniper.
  • 3rd Person Shooter: a genre of video games. Players see their character onscreen, usually in the bottom corner. (Ex: Gears of War)
  • AAA Game: Great game, often bestseller.
  • Action/Adventure: Genre of games that focus equally on game play and story.
  • Achievements: awards given for completing various actions in an Xbox360 game. These include beating the entire game on different difficulty levels, completing hard moves, earning top scores, etc.
  • AI: (Artificial Intelligence) computer characters in the game that react to the player.
  • Beta: A release of a game before the release game to a select public, usually to work out glitches before the actual release date.
  • Console: Device which you play video games (Xbox360, PS3, etc.)
  • Combo: A chain of moves (often in fighting games)
  • Co-op: A game that allows two or more players to play together against enemies cooperatively.
  • Cosplay: Costume Players, people who dress up as their favorite video game, anime, and movie characters for conventions.
  • Deck: In TCG, what is used to battle.
  • DLC: Downloadable Content, players can usually download arcade games, indie games, and extra game content through the internet on their consoles.
  • E3: (Electronics Entertainment Expo) biggest convention in video game industry, where gaming companies present what will be coming out in the next year.
  • ESRB: (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rate every video game on a scale of E for everyone to M for mature.
  • Fighting Game: A genre of games that revolves around combat and combos.
  • FPS: First Person Shooter, a genre of video games. The screen is what the character sees, players do not see the character they play as. (Ex: Halo)
  • GG: Good Game
  • Gamertag: your username on XboxLive
  • Gamer Score: a number associated with the amount of achievements you have unlocked on    your XboxLive account
  • Grind: perform mindless repetitive tasks to level up
  • Head shot: a shot to the head in a shooter game
  • HP: Hit Points, Health Points, Heart Points – basaically your health.
  • K.O.: Knocked Out, in TCG and Fighting games
  • Lag: While playing online, when a game slows down due to poor internet connection.
  • MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, a genre of video games. Essentially the same as RPG, just online with other people around the world playing at the same time. (Ex: World of Warcraft)
  • Mii: user created avatar used in Wii.
  • Multiplayer: playing online, either in consoles or computer games, with other players in the same game.
  • Music Game: Genre of games that revolve around music. It usually requires players to sync controller with beat of the music.
  • n00b: newbie, or gamer who uses cheap ways to win.
  • NES: Nintendo Entertainment System, first Nintendo gaming console.
  • Patch: When developers release an update for a game to fix a glitch.
  • PAX: (Penny Arcade Expo) It is a gaming convention for gamers by gamers. It happens twice a year, PAX East in Boston and PAX Prime in Seattle. 
  • Proxys: In TCG, using a card to stand in for another card that you do not have.
  • PSN: Playstation's online network, where you can find friends, play online games, download content and much more. 
  • pwn: complete and total obliteration and humiliation of your opponent. Ex: You just got 'pwned'.
  • QTE: (Quick Time Event) In game play, when a cutscene happens and the player has to press a button or do a move quickly, in time with the action.
  • Rage Quit: turning off the game without saving, finishing what you were doing, etc. Being so angry that you cannot turn off the game normally.
  • RPG: Role Playing Game, a genre of video games. Characters level up, usually by completing side quests (Ex: Pokemon)
  • RTS: Real Time Strategy, bird's eye view of combat, move and place armies to fight, no actual fighting sequences.
  • Sandbox: A large open world map, where a player can explore freely.
  • SNES: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, second Nintendo gaming console
  • TCG: slang for Trading Card Game
  • Trophies: awards for completing various things in Playstation video games. These are shown on your profile. 
  • Wave: groups of enemies that attack together, usually spaced apart so you can heal in between each group. Ex: There's another wave of enemies!
  • XBLA: Xbox Live Arcade, this is where Xbox members can download arcade games online to play off their harddrives.
  • XP: (Experience Points) Usually method of leveling up by gaining experience from boss fights, collecting items, etc.

This list will always be in progress. Please feel free to send in any terms you can think of that are not on the list at

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Gaming Recommendations 
For new or inexperienced Gamers
  • Pokèmon (Gameboy, DS): Any Pokèmon game is a great starting game for new players. This is a classic RPG, where the plot of the game is catching Pocket Monsters (or Pokèmon) and training them to defeat other Pokèmon Trainers. You can try your team at the 8 Gym Leaders of the Pokèmon regions, and make your way to be the best trainer there is. (Difficulty: 1/5)
  • Resident Evil (PS2, PS3, Xbox 360): These games are a great entrance into shooter games. They are all zombie games, where the plot is to uncover where the zombie infection came from and usually saving a few key characters. This game is unique because you cannot shoot and move. You can move around, but when you want to shoot something, your character stops in his or her place. This is great for new players because it is less controls to master when in combat. This game is categorized as a survival horror game, so it is rather scary at times. (Difficulty: 3/5)
  • Viva Pinata (Xbox 360): You are a farmer. Your farm attracts pinatas. It is bright, colorful, relaxing, and tons of fun. The more plants and objects in your farm, the more diverse pinatas will inhabit your farm. (Difficulty: 1.5/5)
  • Bioshock (Xbox 360): This is a somewhat difficult game, with a spectacular story. It takes place in the 50s. You are a survivor of a plane crash who has stumbled upon an underwater city. This city is unique because it is dictated by the same mentality invented by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged. When you arrive, you realize how corrupt the city is. People are addicted to "Adam" (a drug-like substance), and will kill anyone or anything for it. The city has completely shut down since New Years and traces of that fateful night are everywhere. Not only do you use guns to kill enemies, but you get to use Plasmids, an enhancement to your body from Adam which gives you super powers. This game is a First Person Shooter/Survival Horror. (Difficulty: 3/5)
  • Rock Band (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii): This is a very fun party game. It is easy to pick up and with a little practice, easy to master. You use a musical instrument shaped controller to play along with your favorite songs. (Difficulty: 1/5)
  • Mario Party (GameCube, Wii): Another great party game (hence it's in the name!). It is very straightforward, and essentially you just play a boardgame with mini games on the side. (Difficulty: 1/5)
  • Braid (Xbox 360, Computer): This is a platforming game (where you just travel across the screen, jumping on ledges, etc.) and has a great story. It is a little difficult, but with some patience (and some youtube help) you should be able to finish it and enjoy the beautiful ending. (Difficulty: 3/5)
  • Portal (Xbox360, Computer): This is a puzzle game, and demonstrates the power of story told through action to new gamers.  You are a test subject at a mysterious science facility. You must solve puzzles, or tests, using Portals. There are two portals, orange and blue, which are sort of doorways between each other. Using the portals, you can jump across ledges, fall into an infinite loop, and even destroy turrets. The game does not have a single cutscene, but uses your character's actions and the game environments to tell the story (and it's a great story). You may want to rage quit at almost every level, but just sit back and look at the puzzles in a different way. Worst case, consult youtube. (Difficulty: 2/5)  

Any other suggestions? Feel free to send me your ideas.