April 9, 2012

PAX East 2012: Friday

PAX East 2012 was a total blast this year! Since we took so many photos and had so many great memories, I'm going to spread it out over a post for each day.

Friday of PAX East was a busy day. I went dressed up as Aela the Huntress from Skyrim and DarkSnip3r went as a Nightingale (also from Skyrim). We attempted to check out most of the showfloor that day, but with DarkSnip3r's scary face mask, he couldn't really see. We walked around and took pictures of as many cosplayers as we could find and ran into one of our friends from last year, cosplayer Dale (You may recognize his Gears of War costumes). We also hit up the Mass Effect 3 panel where Bioware discussed some aspects of writing the third game and answered audience questions. We all had to leave before the audience questions since only one of us had actually beaten Mass Effect 3 - We did not want any spoilers. It was really interesting to hear about how the writers of Mass Effect had to collaborate to write multiple conversations, for both paragon and renegade, depending on which of the characters in your playthrough lived through the first two games. They said it was like trying to write a conversation between two character who could potentially both be dead. There was also a lot of Mass Effect and Dragon Age cosplay at the panel, and we managed to run into Rana McAnear - the face of Samara. Assassionista interviewed her a couple of months ago on being the face of a video game character, and it was great to see her again. She was cosplaying as Samara which was totally crazy and amazing.

Since this post is very picture heavy, please click read more to see the entire gallery of photos!


Ghost Recon Future Soldier had a playable demo on the showfloor

Borderlands 2 had the biggest booth...and the biggest line!

Assassin's Creed III featured a new trailer and some pre-order bonuses

Lollipop Chainsaw's claustrophobic gaming area was fitting to the game

Rooster Teeth sold some merch and held signings throughout the event

Castle Crashers figures

I wanted to win this amazing picture of the Normandy from Mass Effect so badly


DarkSnip3r and I found another Skyrim duo


Jessica Nigri: the official cosplayer of Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw


Our friend Dale and his original cosplay

Star War and Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy

Kitana (Her contacts were amazing)


Star Wars

We found a Ghostbuster

Jill of Resident Evil

Hawke at Mass Effect Panel

Samara (Rana McAnear)

Assassin's Creed (and my own hooded killer)

We have a love/hate relationship with Sonic.

We ran into Dan Amrich of Activision

Inception: Skyrim character playing the Witcher 2. So much medieval going on.

The crowded show floor on day 1

Team Crabcat getting ready for the Mass Effect Panel

Mass Effect Panel

The guy in the blue is so scared

The empty show floor is a somewhat creepy sight

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