March 31, 2012

One More PAX East Update

PAX is less than a week away and I've got my definite costume schedule! Here it is:

I'll be on the showfloor most of Friday, so feel free to come and say hi. I'll be accompanied on Friday by a Nightingale cosplay done by my Fiancè, DarkSnip3r. I'll also be at the Epic Panel on Saturday and they're doing a cosplay meetup for Gears of War at the Triforce Booth Saturday at 5.

I also have updated my deviantart page with some pics of the cosplay and have progress shots on my facebook page.

I'm super exicted for PAX and will try to post as much as possible during the weekend, wi-fi permitting.

As always,

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Buttercupcake said...

Awesome Aela costume! I was thinking of making one too...I haven't even started cosplaying and my list of future costumes just keeps getting longer and longer!
And love your portrayal of young Lara (who will probably be my first cosplay attempt) you have quite a resemblance to her!

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